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               What animal speaks using coherent language that is understandable by man? A talking bird         
called Arielle does. The interspecies barrier broke when Arielle began to communicate by volunteering
information through English statements. She is a beautiful, now 21-year-old, tropical bird that has expressed
herself spontaneously using more than 6000 English words, phrases, and sentences. Her verbal progress
compares to that of a young child.

The Beatles tune, "Got to get you into my life," presented a nagging riddle. The puzzle resolved after years
of walking down a road with my macaw, Arielle. The cryptic lyric, “… find another kind of mind there,”
inspired me to describe my linguistic adventure with a talking bird.

Arielle has the ability to communicate across species using human speech when she wishes to do so. Those
who know Arielle and listen carefully to recordings of her voluntarily spoken private monologues discover
that her speech reveals her thoughts. Readers understand Arielle’s speech by considering her statements
with the provided background information.

Transcriptions of Arielle’s voluntary speech reveal meaningful messages that form the core of
Another Kind
of Mind
. An unanticipated statement by Arielle reveals that she listens to what people say and that she is
capable of attributing speech to an individual by name. Many of her statements provide concrete examples
that a talking bird can learn to communicate ideas through human language.

Another Kind of Mind traces a bird's speech development. The book provides details about how Arielle can:
• vocalize in a previously little recognized purr-like voice,
• construct a monologue or dialogue about a topic,
• reveal her sensory impressions about the environment,
• substitutes nouns and personal pronouns correctly,
• rhyme, express emotion, and construct verbal jokes,
• apply logic in her speech and speak using proper syntax,
• organize thoughts using phrases and sequences of statements.

Another Kind of Mind guides readers toward understanding Arielle’s English words, phrases, and sentences,
as her expressions provide insight into her mind, personality, and thoughts. Her meaningful speech
communicates something never before evident from utterances made by a bird. Arielle is a conscious being.     
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Arielle understands speech and speaks thoughtfully using English
words, phrases, and sentences.
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Songs & Services
Photo by Patricia Dalton
Many years ago, I wrote my first song; I figured out the melody by picking out each note on a guitar. I don't
play an instrument now and I don't have a great singing voice. My interest in parrots has brought me to write
about them; I have others in the concept stage.

My interest is the birds, so I am motivated to put together a basic song. At a local writers' group, I met my
co-writer, Steve Keteltas. Steve is talented; he is a poet, sings, and plays the guitar. Together we have put
together two parody songs, which are songs set to a familiar tune with original lyrics.

The first song will be posted to
YouTube. This is a song about my macaw Arielle, and her capacity to learn
English. I explain about her abilities to learn language, not merely repeat things, in my book
Another Kind of
So listen to the song called Pretty Parrot by clicking on the link below.

Pretty Parrot  song & slide show/(video)
This is an effort to present pictures representing the joy of owning a large bird. It takes a great deal of work to
care properly for a macaw and the bird should not be taken lightly.

Because macaws are highly intelligent, as are most parrots, owners must be willing to spend considerable time
with the parrot. A portion of the time should be aimed at educating the bird. That means teaching it the meaning
of words. If done well,
parrots are one of the few animals capable of communicating using our languages.

That is what Arielle does. Communicate. She on occasion speaks directly to me; we have had conversations
with up to four turns. Most frequently, she volunteers speech when no one is present. She creates statements
that are original and she presents novel ideas from her viewpoint as an educated bird. This does not she is a
human being, but she is a creature with her own mind and thoughts. That is the reason for the book about her
ability to use language called
Another Kind of Mind: A Talking Bird Masters English. Enjoy the song
about her!

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There are many beautiful birds. Parrots are like people because different species and individuals within the
species have interesting personalities. That is a theme for the second song; I had most of the stereotypical  
characteristics of four species of large parrots in mind when I formulated the second song.

The song mentions several types of parrots, Cockatoos, African Grey parrots, Amazon parrots, and macaws,
with an emphasis on Blue & Gold macaws. I have a fondness for macaws because of Arielle.

I haven't currently secured enough video clips to construct the film I want to piece together. If you are
reading this and are willing to permit me to use your interesting or unusual short clips about your bird in an
up-coming posting of the song, I will appreciate the help. Contributors will  included in the published credits in
the production.

There will be a spot here to click to hear and view the second production called

Blue & Gold Macaws