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Meet the Author

Authors speak with the
public about their books. I
will have a PowerPoint video
playing about Arielle's
speech. Books are for sale
and will be signed on request.

Bring questions about an
animal learning language.
27-30 June 2012

Speaking: Thursday
28 June2012 @ ~2:30 p.m
5th EASLCE International
Conference on “Natura
Loquens: Eruptive Dialogues,
Disruptive Discourses”
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
"Disrupted Dialogue: A Macaw
Learning Language"
(Communication between
bird and man ruptures due to
25-26 August 2012
Speaking:Saturday 3 p/m.
Sunday:   2 p.m.

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All-American Hookbill Fair &
Seminar--Gateway Parrot Club
2012 All-American Hookbill
Fair & Seminar--Gateway
Parrot Club
Machinists Hall
12365 St. Charles Rock Rd.,
Bridgeton MO (St. Louis),
(Saturday) Beyond … “Polly
Wants a Cracker”™:
Using Language

(Sunday) Beyond … “Polly
Wants a Cracker”™:
Humans Limit Interspecies
Communication with Parrots
06-09 March 2013
Speaking: Wednesday
6 March 2013 at 9:00 p.m.

20th Annual Conference of the
Comparative Cognition
3101 North Highway A1A
Indiatlantic Beach, Melbourne
Speech-Language Disparity
Lack of perception for
elements of language ...
"Passive Speech Research":
cognitive speech, use of
synonym & pronoun
Arielle's (2008) Appearance on WTSP-10 Tampa Bay's 10 TV. (Click to go to start and go to page.)
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To hear Arielle's greeting, click the play
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Arielle says, "Hi! ... Hello."
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Here are the details about the ParrotSpeech Group:
People interested in the study of spontaneous speech by talking
birds. The topics of concern include learning theory, speech
recognition, recording speech, cognitive speech by talking birds,
linguistics, conversations with parrot-like birds, cognition,
consciousness, and other topics related to the talking birds. To join  
click on the button to the left or enter the subscription into your
e-mail address: ParrotSpeech-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Information about appearances, presentations, events to “meet the author” and
attend a book signing for
Another Kind of Mind: A Talking bird Masters English
To see and hear information about Arielle presented on a Florida TV show, click on the link below. Look for
"Seen on TV." If segment does not come up, search for "parrot," then select article about "Is Arielle Talking?"
Interview about speech research./cognitive speech clip from WTVT-13 FOX, Tampa  29 September 2010
See Arielle on TV ... Hear her talking
Arielle speaks and understands hundreds of English words, phrases,
and sentences. This capacity is called cognitive speech.
In June 2009, she will be 18 years old. Arielle is a shy bird, especially around strangers, and as a "free-speaking
talking bird," she speaks voluntarily. She accompanies me on a daily visit to a park or a walk about the
neighborhood, and during our outings, she occasionally speaks directly to me.

A form of interspecies communication results when she speaks to me. I call Arielle "an educated bird" rather
than a trained parrot. The term educated means that she continues to learn language, and Arielle speaks as a
result of learning things from lessons. She also learns on her own by associative learning. A speech sample can
be heard by clicking identified sound selections located near yellow boxes throughout this site; transcription of
Arielle's words appear in another yellow box near the bottom of the same page. Many speech samples appear
on the "Another_Mind" page; the transcriptions are in the book
Another Kind of Mind.

Many people consider macaws to be mediocre talking birds. Arielle might be an exception. She vocalizes
daily from her gym on the porch; her remarks often contain sequences of invented statements that express her
thoughts. Listeners initially find her recorded speech difficult to understand, but after seeing a transcription of
her statements they are startled by the range of her conversational topics as well as her general comments.
Arielle is learning English at an advanced grade-school level. Her linguistic abilities include:

  • Arielle speaks of her free will and communicates many different messages.
  • Arielle speaks with as many as five (5) different voice characteristics.
  • Arielle is learning the English language and can make complicated statements.
  • Arielle asks questions, and she sometimes answers her own query (ha, ha).
  • Arielle identifies other animals as ants, butterfly, cat, dog, rabbit, and snake; her vocabulary to describe
    birds includes: bird, cardinal, crow, egret, "feathered friend," hawk, parrot, and stork.
  • Arielle knows common words that begin with most letters of the alphabet, but she hasn't needed to speak
    words that begin with  "X" or "Z" yet.
  • Arielle speaks about many every day things and speaks sequences about a single topic.
How many people are interested in parrot speech?
The counter shows how many new friends Arielle made.
The home of the pioneering macaw Arielle
This site deals with the abilities of one talking bird and is intended to be a resource
for potential bird owners, anyone interested in speech perception, people who are
interested in the development of language in nonhumans, and bird keepers who
wish to share information about their talking birds.

For information about my book describing Arielle's
click here to transfer to the site page for
Another Kind of Mind.
Arielle is a friendly Blue & Gold
macaw. Macaws, like other parrots,
can talk.

She has a large vocabulary and has
spoken more than 4000 different
expressions. Arielle understands
English. At times she speaks directly
to her human friend.

She freely vocalizes most days. Her
speech contains sequences of
statements about many topics, and
she carries on conversations with
herself and imagined friends.

She is one of a handful of birds
around the world who can
communicate ideas through
speech. The author formulated the
idea of listening to her voluntarily
spoken words as a new approach
to interspecies communication.
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